Alert: Rainfall, heavy in some parts, expected to hang around for hours

Good morning! It's July 2 and a wet Monday morning. This is Christine Nelson with your first look at the stories we're covering on WBTV News This Morning. We're on from 4:30-7 a.m.

We're on your side with the best weather coverage this morning... and you're going to need it. I just hung up the phone with Meteorologist Ashley Batey. She told me the rain is going to be falling through the morning so expect a soppy commute. This storm system also packed a powerful punch. There are thousands of power outages in Mecklenburg County at this hour. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee is also live with the significant damage the rainfall caused on a local college campus.

NEW overnight: The U.S. Army is releasing new information on the shooting at Fort Bragg. We're learning about the status of the soldier, who shot his superior before turning the gun on himself.

Plus, your morning cup o' joe is doing more than just waking you up this morning. We have the results of a Harvard study that suggests coffee blocks the formation of tumors in a common cancer.

Also, today is the first day on the job for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Heath Morrison. We'll tell you what is on his agenda today as he works to build morale among faculty and staff, and gain the confidence students and parents.

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