Another record breaking day ahead

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We're heading toward the most intense portion of this heat wave today, and another record is forecast to fall this afternoon.

High pressure overhead, dry conditions and now very warm ground from yesterday's record heat could mean Charlotte is in for the hottest temperature on record this afternoon.  Yesterday's high maxed out at 104°, tying the record high not just for the date, but since records began.  We've hit 104° a few times before: twice in August of 2007 and in September of 1954, but 105° will be possible today.

And it's only the end of June.

If we stay below 105°, the reason will be increased levels of moisture.  Drier air heats more efficiently than air with more moisture.  While it may technically mean ever-so-slightly cooler temperatures, it also means even hotter heat indices.  It could feel as hot at 110° or greater this afternoon, and in anticipation of these dangerous levels, an Excessive Heat Warning has been issued for much of the area.

Drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks if you must be outside.  Also, remember to apply plenty of sunscreen and don't forget about pets.  A few simple steps can keep Fido from overheating.

Temperatures will fall below 100° early next week.