Kings Mountain lithium plant expands

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC (WBTV) - Right about now, Wesley Peeler thinks he made a pretty good decision.  The Kings Mountain High School graduate just got a job at Rockwood Lithium in his hometown.

"Growth and long term were both really important to me, " Peeler said.

It was his brother in law, a 14-year employee, who helped him get a job and who is now very excited to see this multi-million dollar expansion at the plant.

"I'm going to keep climbing the ladder and keep going and I'm excited about the future," said Lindell Zanders.

Rockwood makes something pretty important, the lithium and lithium compounds used the batteries that power electronics and electric cars. In fact it's the worlds largest producer.

The chairman and CEO of the company says now is the right time to expand the Kings Mountain plant with a larger facility and 100 new jobs in manufacturing, engineering, plus they need scientists and support staff.

"We are going to be hiring highly educated highly paid individuals who will be living here paying taxes and be of great benefit to the community," said Seifi Ghasemi.

He hopes those people are the brains behind what he feels is a NEED in the US to switch more people to an alternative power source for vehicles.  If they switch, he believes this new plant will be at capacity in three years.

"We would have to build 10 of those plants and we hope many of them will be in Kings Mountain," Ghasemi said.

If you live in King's Mountain and you're hoping for one of these jobs, the plant workers which the jobs most people would be qualified for, are filled.

The company is recruiting across the country to fill the remaining high-paying jobs.

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