Is your AC unit ready for the heat wave?

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—is your AC unit ready for the heat wave?  Plenty give up the ghost when temperatures hit 100 because they can't keep up with the demand for cold air.  Reporter David Spunt is talking with experts tonight about what to do before the mercury rises.

A Charlotte woman says she was raped repeatedly as a child for a period of 8 years.  She's coming forward for the first time after Molly Grantham exposed a "grooming guide" for sexual predators—a book of how to get close to kids.  You'll want to hear what she has to say about her own nightmare.

A very strange announcement came from a flight attendant after passengers were forced to wait hours before take-off.  He said anyone can get off the plane, if they have the guts.  The problem is, he didn't use the word, guts.  The word he used probably isn't in the flight attendant's manual.

Remember the Michigan woman who demanded her welfare payments despite the fact she'd won $1 million in the lottery?  She was charged with fraud and had her day in court.  We'll tell you it ended up.

Plus, why did the Bobcats turn down a blockbuster trade, then make an unpopular draft pick tonight?  Delano Little has some interesting thoughts.

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