Charlotte residents react to health care ruling

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Leslie Boyd spoke before a crowd of students, seniors, and health care patients today at Gaffney Health Services in East Charlotte, celebrating the Supreme Court's decision.

"I get very upset when people say that they don't want to pay for health care for bums," she told them. "Well, my son, Mike, was not a bum."

Mike died of cancer.

"He had a birth defect. And that left him vulnerable to colon cancer," Boyd said. "Because a birth defect is a pre-existing condition, he couldn't get the colonoscopies he needed to catch the cancer before it was too late. He was just refused. They said, you know, if you don't have cash up front – and he was a student. If you don't have cash up front, we can't help you."

Zaina Alsous is also a student, she'll graduate from UNC Chapel Hill next year $40,000 in debt.

"As soon as I graduate, job or no job I will be expected to start my repayment back on those loans," she said.

Now, paying for health insurance will be one less worry. She can stay on her parents' plan. "I'm 21 years old, so I have five years for me to get footing."

Of course, not everyone is happy today.  Charlotte resident Warren Shinn was shocked. "No one really thought that the federal government would ever be allowed to force people to buy health insurance," he said.

Not everyone wants it.

But Shinn says he's not as concerned about the cost as the implications of the Supreme Court's ruling."Because of the opening it gives the federal government to do other things, force us to do other things," he said. "I feel like we're losing our freedoms."