What will today's Supreme Court ruling mean for you and your family?

Hello again everyone, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 5:00PM—5 to 4.  It was the vote tally many expected.  But many figured it would go 5-4 against the healthcare reform act.  What those "many" didn't count on was Chief Justice John Roberts who moved left of center to vote for the mandate portion of the law, calling it a tax.  The reaction was swift.  The president termed it a victory for all Americans, while the Speaker of the House is now calling for a vote July 11th to overturn the law.  What will today's Supreme Court ruling mean for you and your family?  We've got team coverage to break down the numbers.

We're also talking to one of the victims of another attack on a woman at Presbyterian Hospital.  One nurse was stabbed three times as she left work early Thursday morning.  Another was pushed down the parking lot staircase last night.

And in my weekly Crimestoppers report, one store was robbed for the third time in 15 months.  All three crimes happened just before closing.  I've got the surveillance video you need to see.

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