Agents shutdown counterfeit DVD operation

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -The second story sign on Beatties Ford near LaSalle reads Dee'Va hair studio, but state A-L-E agents say the second floor salon was a full blown movie making operation.

Thursday's raid was headed up by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, and the North Carolina Secretary of State's office with help coming from the federal office of Homeland Security and Motion Picture Association of America.

Omar Qureshi of the state A-L-E division sees a constant problem with video pirating.

"We got a complaint through the secretary of state's task force that some counterfeit DVD's were being sold, and we had some undercover officers make an undercover purchase, "he said. "They were able to buy four currently released titles that are in the movie theaters now."

By the numbers, it was quite a haul.

Agents seized more than 6100 DVD's , and found another 1300 musical compact discs, as well 23 duplication devices.

"It seems like a victim-less crime, but when you take in to account the people who are in the industry who lose money and benefits from this and where the money actually goes."

Investigators told WBTV that Karin Abdullah was behind the operation.

Agents connected to the bust say many of the movies would sell for little or nothing.

According to Agent Qureshi, The movies go from three dollars apiece to five dollars, and sometimes in many cases, three for ten dollars."

He says the message from those on the enforcement end is very simple.

"Don't counterfeit movies, CD recordings, or the other goods."

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