Budget passes with deep cuts

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—Charlotte's plans for a $119 million streetcar is going into mothballs for the time being.  City Council tonight cut the streetcar and $926 million of capital improvements.  It did pass $1.1 billion operational budget.  What will that mean for your taxes if you live inside the city limits? Reporter David Spunt will tell us tonight.

T.S. Debby has become a real downer for the sunshine state.  Torrential rain is falling over large portions of Florida and Eric Thomas says there's much more to come.  He's watching Debby's very unpredictable track and he's forecasting a blistering hot finish to the week in the Carolinas.

If you fly a lot, I'm sure you've been stuck in a seat next to a less-than-desirable personality.  But a Swedish woman suffered the worst fate I can imagine—her row mate died shortly after takeoff and she was forced to sit next to a corpse for 10 hours before the plane landed in Africa.  The airline was sympathetic and we'll tell you what they did for her.

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