Window Film Cuts Rays Into Your Home

Charlotte (WBTV)  If you've got a lot of west facing windows in your home, you're probably used to shutting the curtains or blinds to block out some of that intense heat.  You can also use a peel and cling film to block out some of that solar heat.  Gila makes several films for your window, some for privacy and some to cut down on the amount rays that pass through your windows and heat up your home.

"As my mom always said you've got to follow the directions.  If not something will go wrong and you will wish you had," said Amanda Boyd with Lowe's Home Improvement.  She had never installed the film before and so I asked if she could show us just how it's done.  The box says it's easy as 1-2-3 and for the most part that is true.

We found during some steps you really need a second pair of hands.  The other tip we found to be of value was a comment I read from someone who'd installed the film on several windows.  Make sure your window is 100 percent clean!  Even the tiniest little speck of dirt on your window will have bubbles popping up.

The film will cost you.  I found the least expensive price for the 'low-reflective' film was just fewer than forty dollars.  It will cover about three windows.  So you might consider only covering the west facing windows as they have the most intense heat in the summer.

Make sure you take your time! But if you make a mistake, Gila says you can work with the film and remove it easily for up to 24 hours.  They promise with normal wear and tear, these films will last as long as ten year.  If you install and decide to take them down, there is a special spray you'll need for removal.

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