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Neighbor uses baseball bat to save boy from Chow attack

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A neighbor's quick thinking helped save a young boy after he was attacked by a neighbor's Chow on Friday.

According to York Police Chief Andy Robinson, a young boy, 8, was playing with his neighbor's dog, when the dog "became vicious and attacked [the young boy]."

It happened on Friday night around 5:15 p.m. in York. Chief Robinson told WBTV that the young boy had several bite wounds to his arms and back as well as severe lacerations to his leg. 

A witness inside the laundry mat across the street observed the incident and tried to get the dog off of the juvenile by throwing rocks at it.  A neighbor across the road witnessed the incident and was able to get the dog off of the boy using a baseball bat. 

He was rushed to Piedmont Medical Center by emergency crews, where he was treated with several stitches and staples due to the injuries.  He was released Friday night from the hospital and is expected to return to the doctor later this week.

Police say the dog was on a leash in its owner's yard when the attack occurred. The little boy, according to police, plays with the dog regularly.

The dog was taken into the custody of York County Animal Control. Its owners have consented to have the dog euthanized, police told WBTV, which is scheduled to happen on Monday.

Steve Stuber with York County Animal Control told WBTV that S.C. Department of Health & Environmental Control (DHEC) has required that samples be sent to Columbia for rabies testing.

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