Tropical Storm Debby still stuck in the Gulf

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A tropical system that has already brought more than 12 inches of rain to parts of Florida is still wreaking havoc on the Sunshine state.

While Debby has weakened slightly, the storm is still battering the coast with 50 mph winds and torrential rain.  Winds are strong, but the primary threat remains the potential for flooding since the storm remains stationary just off the Florida coast.

Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings remain in effect for much of the Gulf coast, although locations under these advisories could change in the coming days.  Tropical Storm force winds currently extend about 200 miles from the storm's center.

Computer models have not had a good grasp on where this storm will go next.  Weak steering winds in the upper levels have left the storm ambling in the Gulf.  Some models bring it West toward Texas, others move it Northeast toward the Carolinas.  

As of Monday morning, forecasters expect the storm to remain nearly stationary, before slowly moving Northeast and making landfall along the Florida coast.  Storm surges of up to 6 feet will be possible upon landfall, in addition to up to 25 inches of rain and isolated tornadoes in Florida.

As long as the storm stays over open water, some restrengthening could occur.