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Bobcats' Dunlap gets rave reviews from draft prospect's

Charlotte, NC - (WBTV)

The Bobcats will conduct two more pre-draft workouts this week, before Thursday's NBA draft. You won't hear any more big names come to town though, as those guys worked out in Charlotte this past week.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bradley Beal were here before the announcement of the Bobcats new head coach Mike Dunlap. The press conference was Wednesday, and on Thursday coach was already getting to work...running full court drills with the draft prospects like UNC's Harrison Barnes. Barnes said that is something other team's were not doing. Andre Drummond and Thomas Robinson got the same treatment on Friday.

Camera's are not allowed into practice, so we asked the guys, what coach Dunlap is like.

Barnes described the practice as 'a track meet', and Drummond said they had to keep moving constantly.

You can hear more by clicking on the attached video.

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