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Flim-flam team preying on shoppers at big box stores

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A warning for shoppers in big box stores-- hold on to your wallets.

There's a flim-flam team that's preying on people who are easily distracted and forget about guarding their valuables.

At the Metropolitan Target store, a woman with her grandchild was approached by a man and woman.

"She had a grandchild with her and they said, wouldn't this be a nice little toy for your grandchild?" said CMPD Detective Marty Cuthbertson. "Of course, she's going to pay attention. And that distracted her."

It distracted her long enough for the third member of the flim-flam team to make his move.

"As she was being distracted, another individual came up behind her and went inside her purse, stole her purse, stole her money and then made unauthorized purchases with that credit card."

And surveillance video shows the three suspects all buying the same thing-- gift cards, which are untraceable and are as good as cash at any Target store, anywhere.

"They made a purchase with the credit card before they left the store, before she realized the credit card was gone."

The problem is Target and other big box stores don't match ID's with credit purchases. But this the problem isn't just endemic to big box stores. These people went to Harris Teeter and were seen on surveillance buying clothing at Macy's.

"We also have knowledge that they've done the same thing over in Mooresville-- same method, each time they targeted some elderly person, distracts them, then they steal their wallets."

If you can add any valuable information, call Crimestoppers at (704) 334-1600 in Charlotte and you could be eligible for a reward.

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