Governor's office forgery scandal

Hello again everyone, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 5:00PM—a scandal brewing in the Governor's office involving the proposed Garden Parkway in Gaston County.  The head of the DOT sent letters sent to state lawmakers saying funding wasn't necessary until the 2014 budget.  But the Governor's office is accused of inserting language into the letter, saying immediate funding was required.  We're digging into the allegations of forgery.

Summer temperatures and humidity are both up; they're back in the weather equation and show little sign of letting up this week.  The hot conditions caused problems for two Charlotte firefighters today—both treated for heat exhaustion.

How would you like to take a BMW for a test drive, write about your experience, and get paid for your opinion?  Reporter Sharon Smith says there's money for good blogging and there's a national conference coming to town to teach bloggers to blog better.

What will Jerry Sandusky's wife tell the jury about her husband?  Dottie Sandusky is on the stand as a character witness, saying he never could have done the sexual abuse he's accused of doing to young boys.

The Air Force is testing a new, secret "space plane" and we're getting our first look at it.

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