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Woman quits corporate job to pursue fresh food

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) -  When Robin Emmons first started a garden in the back yard of her Huntersville home, it was just meant to feed her and her husband. But then she realized the agency that housed her brother, who suffers from mental illness, didn't have the funds to provide fresh food for clients. She started sharing.

From there her efforts to provide fresh, locally-grown foods to the community just exploded.

"Last year we produced 3,000 pounds of food just from this garden," said Emmons from her backyard which has now been totally turned into a fully functioning garden.

Robin created a non-profit foundation called "Sow Much Good" and has since opened up 2 other gardens that supply food to homeless shelters and other non-profits. Sow Much Good also sponsors farm carts in neighborhoods known as "food deserts", where even grocery stores are too far for many residents to get to.

The venture is, in part, a result of a leap of faith for Robin. A few years ago, she quit her job in banking. She wanted to do something that meant more. She didn't have much of a plan she said, but told her husband she would come up with one.

Now, Sow Much Good is feeding hundreds of local people, local food. Robin says even if given the chance, she wouldn't go back to the corporate world.

"I have no money, but my bliss is exponentially multiplied, so no, I would not go back," she says with a laugh, that just can't hide the fact that it's genuine.

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