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Six months later mans junk yard somewhat cleaned up

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The ultimatum was simple – clean up the junk or go to jail. John Ramsey has done what the courts told him to do, to an extent. However it's tough for the 79 year old Korean War vet, because what some call junk, he calls a pay check.

"I clear a little bit at a time because I can't get out here and work all day long," said Ramsey.

In January, his back yard and side of his home in Clover was covered with metal, car parts, old rusty grills and piles of bricks.

In January he went to court about his junk being a public nuisance. The court told him he's not allowed to run a junk yard from a residence.

Six months later Ramsey has cleared more than half of the junk out.  That's

"I give a lot of stuff away and I have some people coming to get those windows, the drain pipes right there I offered to the city, and I got a man coming to get that John Deere stuff right there," said Ramsey.

Ramsey claims not to be a hoarder; he just takes other peoples stuff they don't want and turns it around to make money.

"Until I get enough to haul to the junk yard to make my gas money and a little money off of it," said Ramsey. "I give my wife half of the money."

Ramsay says he's lost money getting rid of his junk so quickly.

"Probably lost a thousand dollars," said Ramsey.

He says since January he hasn't heard anything from the city about the junk in his yard.

"Well I guess they've seen me clean it up you know," said Ramsey.

WBTV's Trent Faris made a call to the Clover Town Code Enforcement office but his call wasn't returned by deadline.

Though all of the junk isn't gone yet, Ramsey knows he's got a lot of work to do.

"I'll have it cleared all the way down to the fence. I just need time Cause see I have to work on the side too cutting grass," said Ramsey.

Ramsey says the town of Clover has helped. Sanitation crews came by and collect items he sets on the on the street and threw it away for him.

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