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Man goes for record with giant paddle ball


Steve Langley entertains people for a living. He calls himself a professional "fun-ologist".

The Huntersville man is a juggler, comedian, unicyclist, and Guinness World Record Holding Paddle Baller. Steve set a record in 2011 for bouncing 9 paddle balls at one time. Then, he decided he needed to quite literally, go bigger.

"It's world wide. It's beyond Charlotte, it's beyond North Carolina, it's a world-wide thing. There's something kind of neat about that I think," said Langley while holding his new 9 foot tall paddle with a rubber ball attached.

Langley talked to officials with Guinness who told him any record setting attempt with a giant paddle ball would need to be at least 10 times the size of a standard paddle. As he lifts the massive toy up to begin paddling, it's pretty obvious it's not quite as easy as a small one.

"Usually when people see it, it gets a chuckle or a laugh, but then when I start actually doing it, they love it," said Langley about his recent public performances with the giant paddle. One might wonder what would lead someone to go to all the trouble to set a record. For Steve, the answer is simple.

"I like making people smile and I enjoy the sound of laughter. Laughter is like the sound of a smile."

Langley has said if this attempt makes the books, his next try at setting a record with involve bouncing a regular-sized paddle while riding a unicycle.



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