See, Click, Fix: Homeowner to be fined, billed for code enforcement violations

When you turn down Chevron Drive off Sardis Road in Charlotte you'll find an quiet, established neighborhood lined with beautiful homes. So the one in question really sticks out.

Virginia writes on our See, Click, Fix page: "This is the third summer for this house to be in the flipping stage, and it is an eyesore...We would love to have the property flip completed or have it torn down."

We learned the home has current and active building permits through Mecklenburg County so the construction worked seems to be legit.

But not everything is in the clear, according to this voicemail I received from Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement: "We currently have an open and active health and sanitation/nuisance case for weeds and grass violations as well as unauthorized accumulation of trash and debris," says manager Ben Krise.

Officials have long had its eye on this property. The dumpster is still overflowing with trash. The tall grass has gotten no attention.

On May 31, the homeowner was issued a notice of violation. The home was re-inspected Tuesday - and it still wasn't in compliance.

So code enforcement is in the process of hiring contractors to cut the grass and get rid of the debris. As a result they will send the homeowner the bill. The homeowner will also be fined.

Mecklenburg County property tax records show this home is owned by Salvage Auto Supply in Charlotte. We reached out to them and our call was not returned.

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