Ready for higher taxes?

Hello again everyone, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 5:00PM—are you willing to pay higher taxes?  The property tax rate in Charlotte could go up after tonight's vote, and it's all being blamed on the city's AAA bond rating.  How are the two related?  Our business reporter Melissa Hankins will explain it all.

A 19-year old father is accused of abusing his 7-week old daughter.  The infant has a skull fracture and broken ribs.

Day one of testimony in trial of Jerry Sandusky, and it didn't go well for the former Penn State assistant football coach.  One of his ten accusers painted graphic testimony of how he says showering together led to attempted rape by Sandusky.

Summer vacation starts today for many students and parents who'd like to give their kids a fun, but inexpensive summer, should join us for Maureen O'Boyle's Stretching Your Dollar report.  Maureen's got tips of where to go and what to do without breaking your budget.

This week marks an important anniversary in American history—some say it's the event that led to the downfall of a president.

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