Man accused of several rapes, let go, now back in jail

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The neighbor who helped Lavatae Evans' latest alleged victim is sharing her story with WBTV. Evans, 32, was arrested for the third time in six months for sexual assault.

He was picked up by officers Wednesday, and charged with five counts of second degree rape and second degree kidnapping.

The unnamed victim told investigators she met Evans at the Charlotte Transit Center, and went home with him. That's when she claims Evans sexually assaulted her.

The victim said she was only able to escape after jumping out a window, and running to neighbor Sharon Churchill's home for help.

"Right away we knew who she was talking about. There's been several rapes in that house," Churchill said.

Records show in December, Evans was questioned for sexually assaulting two women. He was let go. Later the same day, he was arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting a third woman.

All charges were dismissed because there was not enough evidence. Then in February, Evans was charged with raping a woman, but the district attorney's office later dropped those charges as well, citing lack of evidence again.

Reports were the victims in those cases gave some conflicting statements, and there wasn't enough evidence to move forward.

George Laughrun is a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte. He has no connection to the Evans case, but has followed it.

"It's really unusual. I think when Andrew Murray took over as DA that's one thing they want to make sure when they charge somebody are they going to stick? You can charge somebody with anything, but can you get a conviction?" Laughrun said.

Evans was scheduled to appear in court Thursday, but refused to come out of his cell.

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