How to safely be a digital detective

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's hard to believe that some thieves aren't bright enough to know not to log into Facebook inside the homes they rob.  However, some aren't.

It is an example of how crime doesn't pay.  The police looked at their Facebook account, figured out their home address and took one of the suspects to jail.

WBTV's cyber expert, Theresa Payton, asks if you were a victim or witness to a crime, would you think to check the digital devices around you for clues?  She offers some advice:

Many people don't realize that thieves are leaving digital clues all around us!

Some quick thinking on your part can make a huge difference.

1.  If your home has been broken into, check all your devices. Thieves have been known to check their email, Facebook, and other accounts at the actual crime scene.

2.  If a crime is in progress, only if you are safe, try sending a text with info or turn on your video camera to catch audio.

3.  Search the internet for clues about the perpetrator if you just witnessed a crime.

4.  If they leave evidence behind such as their personal phone or digital device, do not touch it - you might disturb evidence.  Take a picture of the screen or the device and turn that over to law enforcement.


FBI Digital Forensics Site

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