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Businesses concerned over Hollywood coming to town

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - Crews are in downtown Monroe filming the series called "Banshee".  The crews have invaded downtown and have upset some businesses.  The filming will last a week.

"You telling me you are going to do this five days straight?,"  JamPac Records owner Walt Gibson said.  "How is this affecting my business - look around."

There were no customers inside Gibson's store.  The owner blames the closed streets for people not stopping by his business.

"We struggling already," Gibson said. "And the whole thing is I don't need another obstacle to keep my business going down."

Gibson is not alone.  Renn Farmer owns a business on Main street too.  She is upset over the incorrect information she received. She was under the impression her Main Street business would not be involved in the filming.

"Main Street was not affected," Farmer said. "And then we came yesterday it was blocked and they are again filming right in front of my door."

She and Gibson are also concerned over the short notice they were given about the filming.  They believe businesses should have been in the loop from the start.

Farmer's says her business has been suffering because of the filming.

"I said this morning when I got here," Farmer told WBTV. "We had been here an hour and I said we hadn't seen a single soul walk through the door."

Farmer says she welcomes the exposure, but argues the city could have done a better job preparing for the disruption.  She believes there should have been someone standing downtown directing people to where they needed to go.

Farmer did say the filming company is giving her $250 a day for the inconvenience, but she says that is a drop in the bucket for what her business usually brings in for a day.

We contacted the city of Monroe to respond to these complaints, but so far no one has returned our calls.

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