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Union County pays to study the school district

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - Some Union County taxpayers are questioning why the county is spending up to $40,000 to analyze the school district's financial books.

"It's almost a waste of money." Taxpayer Ann Williams said.

The county said it wants an outside company to review the books to determine how efficient the school district spends its money. And it also wants to use that information to determine how much money the county should give the district in the future.

"The one area we do not have a strategy or systematic approach is," Union County Co. Manager Cynthia Coto said. "With the school system and they consume 59% of the budget."

The study started Tuesday and should end on June 21. Union county school board members welcome the analysis.

"They can come in and look all they want," Union County School Board member David Scholl said. "We have no hesitation of what we got and how we have done things well, and I expect this report will show the same."

Many still think the county could have found cheaper way to study the school district's books.

"I think somebody local can do that," Taxpayer Mary Moser said. "To save money."

The county said it couldn't find somebody on the inside to do the job. The county claims it got the best price, despite the fact the manager didn't ask for other companies to submit a bid.

"I do not have the resources in house to do that type of analysis," Coto said. "And we need to have someone who is objective."

Coto says the study will not produce any recommendations just findings. Those findings will determine what conversations need to happen between the county and the school district.

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