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Hagan pushing big equal pay vote

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When Nancy Klein landed a position as a newspaper reporter, she was offered less money than another new hire.

"And I said 'why?'" Nancy recalls.  "And they said because he's a man."

Molly Davis was a professor, but she wasn't treated like one.

"It was very difficult," Davis says. "They asked me to make the coffee. And make the cookies and I immediately wore a button as soon as I could find one that said make policy, not coffee."

Davis objected, but sixty years ago, she made just a fraction of what her male counterparts did.

Ten years later, the Equal Pay Act passed. Here's the thing. It didn't help much.

Today, women generally still earn just 77% of what men make doing the same work.

But The Paycheck Fairness Act could finally change that, closing loopholes in its predecessor.

"If you're doing the same job, there shouldn't be a difference based on your gender," saysNorth Carolina Senator Kay Hagan, "and here we are in 2012...I think that should make sense to everybody."

Hagan is co-sponsoring the new bill.  She met with women in Charlotte Monday before flying to D.C. to vote for it.  Here, women earn $8,000 less annually than their male counterparts.

"For that eight thousand dollars, a woman could spend about an extra 110 a week for seventy weeks buying groceries," Hagan says.

"We have been as they now say thrown under the bus for so many years," says Davis.  "I hope it passes."


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