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WW2 Veteran remembers the Battle of Midway

MIDLAND, NC (WBTV) -When J.B. Roberts was just 21, he was a gunner onboard the USS Yorktown in the middle of the Pacific. While the first week of June 1942 was 70 years ago, it seems just like yesterday.

"They just kept coming there were so many of them," said Roberts, now 92 years old.

Roberts recounted his involvement in the Battle of Midway. He remembers seeing and hearing the hundreds of Japanese bombers firing towards their ship. He remembers shooting several of them down, but not enough to keep them from eventually sinking the ship he was on.

Roberts was Honorably Discharged in 1948 from the U.S. Navy. He went on to have 6 sons and a daughter. 5 of his 6 sons went on to long careers in the Navy. As his kids also followed in his footsteps, Roberts was also Sheriff of Cabarrus County for 30 years. 4 of his 6 sons were and are today, in law enforcement.


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