Is it too late to start a garden?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – We're into the month of June, and for most of us that means summer barbecues and lazy days by the pool.  Another great thing about summer: the fresh produce.  So is it too late to get your own garden growing?

Jan Wallace of the Sugar Creek Garden Center says if you're starting from scratch you've missed out.  "It's a little too late to start from seeds, but one gallon tomatoes would be okay to plant now."

Another terrific option is to start a small herb garden.  "You can start an herb garden anytime," says Wallace.  Some will happily grow on a sunny windowsill and will also grow wonderfully outside.

In any garden, making sure the soil is rich in nutrients is important.  If you're using an organic fertilizer or compost, refertilize about every six weeks.  A product like Miracle Gro should be applied weekly.

Using compost, fertilizer or mulch will also help to hold in water, although with hot and dry conditions usually seen in summer, daily watering is recommended.