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FBI warns of online scan accusing users of visiting child pornography sites

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The FBI is warning computer users about a new scam that not only takes your money, but accuses you of visiting child pornography websites as well.

"They're getting more boisterous," said Troy Rice, Charlotte IT expert and owner of See the Matrix off Morehead Street. "They're trying to really intimidate the average user."

The trouble begins when you click an unfamiliar link. Hackers download a virus to your computer, and you see a screen telling you that you're in trouble with the FBI for looking at child pornography. Then it demands you pay a $100 fine to the Department of Justice.

"And the scariest thing is it's probably not just the 100 bucks. You've now given them a credit card, and you've given them proprietary information, personal information, so once they have that it's even more detrimental," said Rice.

If your computer is compromised, try to run a virus scan. If you can't get rid of the problem, have your computer professionally cleaned.

The best way to prevent the attack is to be careful what you click on. If you're casually surfing the web, clicking from one link to another, experts say it's only a matter of time before you run into trouble.

If you're a victim of online fraud, report it to the FBI at www.IC3.gov.

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