Fire starts at yoga studio, sets off alarms at other businesses

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A fire started at a popular South End yoga studio overnight, setting off several fire alarms.

The flashing warning lights of the fire alarm could be seen throughout the entire building located at 2102 South Boulevard around 1am.

Several Charlotte fire engines rolled in one after another to investigate the cause.

Employees said a fire started in the dryer area at the Yoga Shala, which set off a localized sprinkler system.

When the water started flowing, alarms sounded.

Since there were several businesses including a market and a bar in the same building, their alarms started sounding as well.

According to workers at the Icehouse located next door to the yoga studio, the building had no firewalls, and there was only one box controlling the fire alarm system for the entire structure.

Damage appears to be minimal.

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