Getting your garden summer ready

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You've got your seeds in the ground.  You're seeing pretty flowers and maybe even an early vegetable.  But the heat and dry conditions of summer can be difficult on your gardens.

Tom Young of Young's Garden Center says the two things we should be focused on water and bugs as we head into summer.  "Since we had such a mild winter, we'll start to see a lot of bugs in the garden."  Hoppers and especially aphids are some of the most common pests.  

Keep in mind that many plants will need the assistance of pollinators like bees.  Make sure that whatever insecticide you choose will not kill them, but will target whatever pest is in your garden.

Water is vital as we head into the typically dry summer months.  Gardens will need water every day.  The timing of that water is important, too.  Ideally, you should water in the early morning hours so the water can soak into the soil.  Watering during peak daytime heating results in much of that water immediately evaporating and not getting down to the roots.

Mulching will help soil retain water, and help protect the plant from both heat and bugs.