See, Click, Fix: Why parking at nature preserve is no longer allowed

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - Seeing all 98 acres of Clarks Creek Nature Preserve on Hucks Road in Charlotte it's no wonder the community loves to explore its natural resources.

When the road leading to the preserve was blocked off, we started to hear from you.

Dbyrnzie wrote in to See, Click, Fix at saying, "Recently the parks department put a gate across the entrance to the Nature Preserve and placed a no parking sign out front. I am now unable to utilize this wonderful natural area."

We saw the no parking sign and chain blocking access for ourselves. So we called Mecklenburg Park and Rec who gave us info that explains the whole story. It's a matter of safety and the law.

When people drive down the dirt road to access the nature preserve, they're actually driving on county property which is illegal. But in our effort to get you some answers we found out there's a widespread community effort to change that.

"It's been ongoing for quite sometime...," says Chauncy Douglas who lives nearby.

Douglas is part of that community effort raising money to add amenities at the preserve since there are none at all.

"We're just raising money, asking people to give, to donate. And from what I understand it's going to take about $100,000 dollars to really launch this off," said Douglas.

That money would allow the county to add a picnic shelter, play area, benches...and of course, a much-needed parking lot.

"It's beautiful land and it's open," said Douglas. "[It] hasn't been destroyed by buildings or anything. It's just the preservation."

Just to be clear, you can still use the preserve. In fact, Croft Community School across the street often takes its students out there for outdoors projects. It's just right now there is no where to park.

The fundraising effort seems to be hugely successful so far. At least $20,000 and counting has been raising to meet the goal.

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