DNC Host Committee launches legacy events

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Piedmont Middle School students moved and grooved with the mayor today at a festival in a field behind their school, celebrating their health and the launch of the 2012 Democratic National Convention legacy programs, a series of events and community activities that will leverage the power of the DNC to make a lasting impact on the lives of Charlotte residents.

"This convention has to leave something behind, and part of what we want to leave behind is a legacy of people really changing their attitudes about themselves," Mayor Anthony Foxx said at the event.

The kids exercised and learned how to make healthy snacks from Harper Group Chef Jon Fortes.

"We're trying to show them  some nutritious recipes today to really get them enlightened," Fortes said.

Dan Murray is Executive Director of Charlotte in 2012, the DNC host committee, and he wants the DNC to become a momentous occasion in the lives of the kids who live here."I hope they say we were there when Charlotte had this big turning point in its history. When Charlotte was really put on the map, and the rest of the world took notice," Murray said.

"The legacies are also going to include economic inclusion," Foxx added, "and trying to really grapple seriously with the economic challenges and the diversity that's in our community now."

For more information on upcoming events, visit www.charlottein2012.com