Myers Park teen dies riding bike to school in tragic accident

If you're just back from a day off, I hope your Tuesday that feels like Monday is going well.  This is Maureen O'Boyle in the WBTV newsroom with some of the stories we're working on.

Grief counselors at Myers Park High School to help students cope after classmate dies in bike crash on the way to school.  Freshman Andrew "Drew" Wright apparently missed his bus this morning so decided to ride his bike to school.  We've found out he was on a sidewalk on Sharon Road when he tried to maneuver around a trash can and toppled into road where he was hit.  Wright suffered massive head injuries.  We're talking to students and teachers at five who remember a friend lost far too soon.

A trial with all the makings of a soap opera, infidelity, greed and mistrust, seems to take another sordid turn!  Courtroom insiders haven't stopped speculating about what might be the 'juror issue' the judge talked about last week.  Many say an alternate juror appears to be flirting with John Edwards, the former North Carolina Senator facing corruption charges.  We're in Greensboro and will have the latest.

The Slice-o-matic started a trend that seems to grow by the minute, gadgets sold on TV "For just 19.99!"  But how do you tell which ones are worth your money.  We talk with a woman who did the research, her advice to help you save at five.

Tracking Beryl: Rain showers popping up across the area this afternoon and this evening. Be sure to keep an eye on the WBTV interactive radar to see if your neighborhood will be affected.

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