Beryl A Soaker Today

Good morning to you on this Tuesday, May 29, 2012, from the WBTV News morning team...this is John Carter reporting for you this morning.

Parts of South Carolina will get a soaking today from what was once tropical storm Beryl.  The storm has been downgraded but may pick up strength again today as it could be nudged back to sea by a frontal system moving south from the Great Lakes.  Al Conklin will have complete details as he brings you his First Alert Weather forecast.

Cam Man Ron Lee is live this morning...he has new details in the search for two suspects in the shooting death of a Kannapolis teenager.

Jurors are expected to resume deliberations today in the campaign finance trial of John Edwards...and there's growing speculation the jury may be deadlocked.

Do you eat tuna?  Researchers say they're surprised to find high radiation levels in bluefin tuna that are turning up along the California coast.  The radiation levels are 10 times higher than the normal amount usually found in those fish.

We have new details about a Boeing 777 flight that had an engine shutdown just after takeoff.  More than 300 passengers were on board...we'll tell you what happened.

We've got some great highlights from the NBA and Major League Baseball...but the best highlight from the Atlanta Braves game didn't have anything to do with the players!  We'll show you must-see video of a heartwarming event that happened during the fifth'll bring a tear of joy to your eye!

And it's back to work for a lot of folks following the Memorial Day weekend and holiday.  Tonya Rivens will help you get your commute underway in her First Alert Traffic reports.

All that and so much more when you join Al Conklin, Tonya Rivens, Christine Nelson, and me...from 4:30 to 7 AM.  See you then!