If you're grilling out for Memorial Day dinner, have a plan B ready!

I hope you're enjoying a day of remembrance on this Memorial Day.  This is Maureen O'Boyle in the WBTV newsroom.

Local veterans remember their fallen brothers and sisters as we mark the 50th anniversary of the US involvement in Vietnam.  Charlotte's Vietnam Memorial is place where locals find their connection to those they've lost.  We'll hear from some of them at 4:45pm.

Get ready for Beryl to impact your barbeque! The second named storm of the season made landfall early this morning in Florida.  Beryl is already having an impact on us, by pushing another system into our area as Beryl moves north and west.  Beryl is a tropical depression now, but the system could still do considerable damage in rainfall alone.  Our First Alert team of meteorologists has the best equipment to track Beryl and how it could impact people traveling home from the holiday weekend.   At five we'll also let you know what to expect for the rest of the week!

Your travel safety could be in the hands of a man kicked out of the priesthood after allegations of child sex abuse.  You won't believe where we found the former priest working!  We're asking how he got the job in the first place!  What we uncovered at five.

Trending on WBTV.com: A witness says a naked man chewing on the face of another naked man on a downtown highway ramp kept eating and growled at a police officer who tried to make him stop. Click here for the full, grisly story.

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