We've hit 90 degrees; unusual for May?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - After flirting with the 90 degree mark several times this spring, we've finally nudged the mercury over the mark.  Friday's high peaked at an even 90 late in the afternoon.

And we're not done yet!  Today's high looks to hit the mark again, with a ridge of high pressure over the Eastern U.S. that's not ready to break down just yet.

So what's normal for the Carolinas when it comes to 90s?  Typically in the month of May we see two 90 degree days, which is exactly what we're expecting.  That number climbs as we head into July, then starts to drop off again when we slowly start wrapping up the hot season in August.  In any given year we average 39 days at or above 90 degrees.

The end of May is by no means unusual to see our first 90 degree day.  The earliest occurrence of this summer like digit occurred on St. Patrick's Day in 1945.  The latest occurred on October 13, 1954.  Occasionally we see an exceptionally warm day in April, but usually the 90s wait until May or even early June.

That said, some records (thankfully) are probably not going to happen regarding those 90s.  The most days we've spent at or above 90 degrees was 88, not surprisingly, in 1954.

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