Protest against anti-gay pastor can't happen on public property

Good afternoon from the WBTV newsroom on this Thursday, Maureen O'Boyle here hoping your day has been wonderful so far. We've got lots coming up tonight.

Thousands were expected to protest in Catawba County this weekend, but they were told, it's not happening on public property!  The group had planned to protest the anti-gay message Pastor Charles Worely preached in a sermon that's gone viral.  We'll find out what happens next tonight at five.

Food Lion Speed Street brings thousands uptown, how are police handling security this year?  You might remember last year Antwan Smith died in a fight after Speed Street ended.  We're finding out what police are doing to make sure this year's festival is free of such violence.

Not too late to plan a trip for the holiday weekend, there are deals to be had!!  Consumer Reporter Kristen Miranda with how to navigate deals that could have you hitting hot spots instead of staying home.

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