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Police roundup 27 members of a violent gang

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom. 

Tonight at 11:00PM—a huge roundup tonight of 27 members of the Bloods, who are described by police as a violent gang in Gaston County.  We'll explain why authorities say this is a very important series of arrests.

We're talking to church members tonight about the sermon their pastor delivered wishing homosexuals would be rounded up and allowed to die out.  We've also learned of a very large protest against the pastor, now set for Sunday.

Remember the man who put his little boy in a commercial washing machine as a joke?  It turns out, the man was not the boy's father and now police want to find him.

Here's something you've got to see—a stuntman known as "Birdman" fell 2,400 feet into a stack of cardboard boxes.  He didn't use a parachute.  At 11:00, we'll show you what he used to survive the fall.

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