Panic on diverted flight

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—we're talking to passengers on a flight from Paris diverted away from landing in Charlotte after a woman passed a note saying she had an implanted device.  They say it created panic onboard. Authorities took no chances, calling for military jets to escort the flight.  How did this French-Moroccan woman get to take the flight without any luggage?  Our reporter David Spunt is digging for answers.

You won't believe your eyes when you see the smallest baby ever born in Charlotte and one of the smallest ever in America.  The little girl started out at 9 ounces—that's about the size of a glass of water.  Kilah has since gained 3 pounds and may be going home from the hospital soon.  Hear what her parents say about their baby's toughness.

And the man who invented something that changed the world and is still very much used today, has passed away.

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