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State to help victims of forced sterilization

 Dozens have gathered to speak out about North Carolina's troubled past at a state sponsored hearing in  Raleigh Tuesday afternoon  over the issue of eugenics.

State Lawmakers want to pay victims 50 thousand dollars each.

It would be a tax-free lump sum payment.

Many victims says no amount of money could ever fix what was done to them.

For the last 43 years,  Mae Frances Moore of is still living with pain of what the past has stolen from her.

She said, "They took my woman hood, as people say manhood. They took my womanhood. I was feeling like that I was less than a woman."

Earlier this year, a series of state sponsored hearings on the issue of government ordered sterilizations forced public conversations.

North Carolina Speaker of the House Thom Tillis is among those seeking a financial remedy to those who were injured, but Moore has mixed feelings about a suggested settlement of 50 thousand dollars per victim.

"But I would think after all these years. It's better than nothing. I'm gonna put it like that. It's better than nothing, " she said.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -Emotions were near a boiling point, when hidden stories were put out in the open at Charlotte's government Center back in February.

Beyond the charts, graphs, and public service statements, understanding the issue means comprehending the real life pain of this Bessemer City woman.

Moore recalls,"I had a child and after I had her they took her from me."

 It was a teenage pregnancy that came with a punitive sentence.

After giving birth Moore said, the state decided that she could never again bear children.

"They did me wrong, because they did not give me time to develop as a woman."

She has felt shortchanged for over forty years, and says healing from un repairable emotional scars is a day by day struggle.

 Late Tuesday a state legislative committee voted to approve compensation for the states 118 victims who have been located.

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