Fear of "body bomb" forces Charlotte-bound plane to make emergency landing!

Good afternoon this is Maureen O'Boyle in the WBTV newsroom.  We've got lots of news and weather to talk about tonight at five.

Charlotte-bound passengers caught in mid-air national security scare after woman claims to have "surgically implanted device"!  US fighter jets scrambled to escort the US Airways plane that originated from Paris as it made an emergency landing in Maine.   Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has threatened the use of "body bombs" recently, and for that reason the US took the woman's comment seriously.  The plane is expected to arrive in Charlotte between five and six.  We're at the airport and will ask passengers what it was like as the real-life drama unfolded onboard.

A Charlotte church getting undue blame for another pastor's anti-gay rant!  WBTV broke the story of the Maiden, NC pastor who preached that gays should be isolated until they die.  That pastor's church is Providence Road Baptist in Maiden.  Apparently people have confused it with Providence Baptist Church here in Charlotte.  The Charlotte pastor tells us his church welcomes all people.  At five he shares some of the reaction he's getting.  And we go back to the church where this all started in Maiden where some are promising to protest, that story starts at five.

First Alert Weather Team keeping a close watch on what's happening where you live – could get some rough weather tonight!  Our Power Doppler Radar Network is picking up several pop up storms right now.  Eric Thomas and our weather staff are tracking these storms through the area.  Some of the storms, Eric tells me, have the potential to produce large hail and damaging winds.  What you can expect tonight, and we're looking ahead to weather for Food Lion Speed Street too, starting at five!

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