Saving a Soggy Cell Phone

Charlotte (WBTV) The dreaded cell phone plunge into the potty costs Americans thousands in damaged phones every year.  Falling into the toilette is the most common way cell phones get submerged, but we met Sarah Wiley from Charlotte who lost hers on a walk on the beach.  "I went to put my flip flop back on and as I reached down to do it, a wave knocked my cell phone right out of my hand," she said.   Talk about a trauma for a sixteen year old on spring break!   Sarah's phone suddenly seemed possessed, vibrating and lighting up.  She took apart the phone and dried as much as she could then pulled out her blow dryer.

Most phone manufacturers will tell you the intense heat from a blow dryer isn't a good idea, but for some people it has worked.  When you're desperate to avoid buying a new phone, people will do just about anything.  Some have recommended vacuuming your cell phone, which doesn't seem like such a bad idea. You do want to get that water out!

But the number one think you do NOT want to do after your phone has been underwater, is attempt to turn it on.  That water and your switch on can short circuit the phone and ruin it for good.

The people I spoke with had the best luck putting their cell phone into uncooked rice for 24 hours.  The rice seems to absorb the moisture out of the phone.

Most cell phone companies will tell you, the best bet is insurance so you're protected no matter what!