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Will we see this weekend's solar eclipse?

Photo courtesy of NASA Photo courtesy of NASA

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – You may have been hearing a lot about this weekend's upcoming solar eclipse.  Only two weeks after the "supermoon" many will be treated to another space show on Sunday, May 20th.

This time around, the moon is going to be too small to block out the sun completely, resulting in what is known as an annular eclipse.  Many will see a ring around the moon, but the sun's corona, a plasma-like halo of light that surrounds the visible surface of the star, will not be visible.  That only occurs during a total solar eclipse.

Unfortunately for us, it's the West coast that will get the show this time.  The eclipse comes to an end around Lubbock, Texas at sunset.  Anywhere farther East is out of luck this time around.

The next solar eclipse that will be seen along the East Coast will be in November of 2013.

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