Shocking sex allegations against former pastor

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Tonight at 5:00PM—I've obtained never-before-seen video of a brutal jewelry store robbery near SouthPark for my weekly Crimestoppers report.  In it, you'll see a heavyset man wearing an unusual orange traffic vest and flop hat use pepper spray against the father and son jewelry store owners.  When the pepper spray didn't work against the son, the man in the orange vest used brass knuckles to severely beat the owner.  You'll want to see the rest of the story at 5:00PM.

You wouldn't think a man of the cloth would travel to a foreign country to have sex with children, but a federal indictment today against a former pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stanley outlines a case of rape against Larry Bollinger.  Reporter Steve Crump is digging into the shocking accusations.

Checkpoint Charlie is back open at Charlotte-Douglas.  The airport security portal had been closed all week to install new TSA screening machines.  Passenger traffic is now back to normal.

A new poll shows President Barrack Obama's approval of gay marriage has caused a shift among black voters.  There's a seven-point difference in blacks who say they are in favor of same-sex marriage after the president's announcement.

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