See, Click, Fix: Residents want abandoned storm water pipes gone!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We counted about a dozen storm water pipes sitting on vacant land, adjacent to the Winget Pond subdivision in southwest Charlotte.

"It's not a nice thing to be driving into a nice looking subdivision and see these pipes. I mean they are off to the side but they're still a noticeable entity," says Winget Pond resident Dave Bush.

Bush is one of the residents who brought this to our attention. He says a developer was coming in to build more houses on this land but when the housing market went under they bailed. Four years later the large, all the other construction equipment except the pipes were hauled off.

There is another safety concern, especially for the kids in the neighborhood. A few feet away there is another type of drainage system that was never completed. All that's left is a dangerous 18 foot drop.

"I would like to see the hole filled in and I'd like to see the pipes removed off the property," says Bush.

See, Click, Fix called various city departments to determine who handles this. First code enforcement, then storm water services. We finally got to the city land development department who we're told sent a representative to Winget Pond to investigate the issue after our calls.

"If we find the correct department of the city I think that some action can happen and it will come out in a positive way," said Bush.

The city land development department says they found out through their paperwork that the company that operates Brentwood Homes, Park Forest Development Corp., is responsible for those storm water pipes. Officials are calling on Brentwood Homes to let them know something needs to be done with those pipes or they need to be moved.

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