Should you invest in Facebook?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Facebook is expected to begin trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market Friday, under the ticker symbol FB.

"I saw the movie about it, it's worth multi-billions," says Charlotte resident Kevin May with obvious excitement.  And now people like May - who've never invested before - are thinking about diving into the market.  "It might be a good way to make money," he says.

"I'm a user, so why not be an investor also?" adds Keith Roper, also of Charlotte.

Well, today, Facebook said it would give more people a chance, boosting the number of shares it'll sell in its Initial Public Offering.  But the other thing that's skyrocketing right now is the cost.

The expected range is at $34 to $38 a share from the $28 to $35 range previously targeted. And the price won't be finalized until Thursday.

"Tomorrow's Thursday," Roper says, "so I might be going to the bank, getting a withdrawal."

He better be prepared to break the bank, though.

Clark Hodges is a stock market strategist.  "I would be shocked if the first trade wasn't above $80 a share," he says.

But even if you manage to get your hands on some Facebook, will it be worth it?

Groupon soared into the $30s on the first day of trading, but now trades at around $12.

Pandora shares priced at $16, soared to $26, but now trade for under $10.

And there has been some talk about Facebook fatigue.

"If you had a group of 5,000 people who say I don't like it anymore, I can show you 900 million that do," says Hodges.  "Every American who can talk has seen that symbol and knows that product, and that's worth more than you can imagine. So if you're patient with it, I think you're going to end up making a good amount of money on it."