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Grier Heights Church Fights To Stay Alive

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)- Notices of foreclosure have shown up at far too many homes, but now a Grier Heights Church that's been padlocked.

Pastor Florance McKoy has been in a fight to save The Way of the Holiness Christian Church on Marvin Road, since the financial meltdown of 2008.

"It's very heart breaking, especially when you've built it from the ground," she said.

McKoy told WBTV the initial loan came from Bank of America.

"They sold it to Lehman brothers, and when they went under, we were told that we had six months to find a new lender or they would force a foreclosure, and that's what happened."

Captain Dan Johnson of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office says the numbers of foreclosures remain steady, but every so often papers generated at the courthouse are served on places of worship.

 "It's very unusual to have a church," he said. "We have probably have done a hand full over the last 20 years."

Pastor McKoy said, "Because of the recession, everybody is looking at the church as a risk."

She is aware that church properties aren't the best investment, but isn't plan on giving up.

"We would have to get someone to refinance it, a lender to refinance it or we would have to come up with the cash.

McKoy said the church needs to come up with 310 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, they've been holding services at another location in East Charlotte.

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