Overnight storms cause power surges and a flood of concerns from residents

Good morning! It's Wednesday, May 16, you made it to the middle of the week! This is Christine Nelson. I just finished looking over the rundown to be able to tell you some of the stories we're covering, live on WBTV News This Morning. Tune us in now.

LIVE: Hundreds of you spent part of your night without power because of the overnight storms. In fact, we got a lot of your concerned calls into the newsroom! Our Cam Man Ron Lee is on your side with info on power being restored. Plus, he'll explain why there were many fire alarms going off in the area because of the storms - with no fires to fight!

Also, there are probably some disappointed Charlotte Mecklenburg School officials this morning. County Manager Harry Jones revealed is proposal for how much more the county should contribute to help the school system. (Here's a hint: It's not the $27 million CMS asked for.) Plus what he said about tax decreases for Mecklenburg County residents. Yes...decreases.

DEVELOPING: The Trayvon Martin case will be making headlines again this morning now that George Zimmerman's medical records have been released. Wait until you hear what he was treated for after the fatal shooting of the teenager.

We'll see you on the air!