Neighbors complain of "animal abuse" in Weddington

Neighbors in Weddington say a local man is abusing animals by not feeding them, and leaving them outside for weeks at a time. WBTV has learned Union County Animal Control launched an investigation into the matter this week.

We're told the alleged abuse is at a flower and produce stand on the corner of Hemby and Providence Road. It's run by Herbert Stanhope Delaney, and neighbors say he's the focus of the complaint.

A concerned viewer sent us cell phone video on Monday. The video shows several dogs packed into a small cage on the stand's property. The viewer said the same dogs are out there in severe weather, forced to eat wet dog food, and live in their waste.

"It's the animal abuse that has thrown gasoline on the fire," said neighbor Mike Simon.

Simon is the president of the High Gate Homeowner's Association, just across the street from the dogs. He says for months, he's complained to the city and county, with no resolution.

"He (Delaney) ought to be punished. He ought to be stopped. He has a long history in Union County and now South Carolina for animal abuse," Simon said.

In February, Delaney was arrested in Chesterfield County for animal abuse. Authorities say several horses and other farm animals were severely malnourished, some even dead.

When we showed up to talk to Delaney on Tuesday, the dogs were gone, but we did run into a woman who said she was friends with Delaney. She would not give us her name, and told us Delaney was not interested in speaking with WBTV.

We even stopped by Delaney's home. No one answered the door. Another woman pulled into the driveway, and told us Delaney was aware of our report and did not want to speak with WBTV.

A spokeswoman with the Charlotte Humane Society called the situation "a red flag."

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