Monday at 11pm: Extreme pest control

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It is easily 100 degrees in the attic where Shawn Irish is working.  He can smell what he's looking for.  He has ripped up floor boards and insulation and still can't find anything.

Then there's a break in the case.  The rest of the people in the attic don't spot it.  Shawn knows exactly what it is, though.

"There it is, that stain.  That's what is left of a mouse.  Sometimes that's all there is, especially when it's so hot," Irish says.

He is a pest control expert and sometimes the job gets a little on the extreme side.  He handles everything from bees and bats to squirrels and coyotes.

WBTV followed Shawn on the job for more than a month as he captured some of nature's unwelcome house guests.

Consumer Reporter Kristen Miranda is On Your Side explaining why it's so important to get control of critters in your house.  She also learned why homeowners in our community are at higher risk this year of coming into contact with mice, snakes, opossum and other creatures.

You can watch her report Monday night at 11pm on WBTV.

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