Mitt Romney Talks with WBTV's Paul Cameron tonight at 5:00

I hope you're having a Fabulous Friday!! The weekend is close, but lots of news to get to first! This is Maureen O'Boyle in the WBTV newsroom.

Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney talks with WBTV's Paul Cameron. Mitt Romney made a campaign swing through Charlotte today telling voters he's the right man to lead this country.  Romney told WBTV's Paul Cameron, ""The president and old school liberals have taken the country in the wrong direction.  I know how to create jobs and get the economy moving again."  We'll get reaction from President Obama's camp tonight.

Do you have a Kindle or an iPad?  If you do, or plan to buy one, make sure to watch our news at 5:00pm!  Most people have a credit card attached to their tablet devices so they can purchase apps, but that could lead to big trouble.  Kristen Miranda will tell us how to avoid surprise charges!

A mother's gratitude on this Mother's Day! It was just last month Cpl. Garrett Carnes returned home Mooresville from Afghanistan to a hero's welcome.  The U-S Marine was wounded by an I-E-D, losing both legs.  Our David Whisenant talks with Carnes' mother tonight.  Hear what she's grateful for this Mother's Day.

Trending on It's the tribute video that has gone viral and will make your heart swell. Cancer patients, as well as doctors and nurses, at Seattle Children's Hospital made a lip dub video of the Kelly Clarkson song Stronger. Grab your tissues and watch the video here.

I hope you'll join Paul Cameron, and me for a Friday edition of WBTV News at 5:00!!